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Username LeoDem (0)User has feedback score under 5
Category Parts
Ad Created 10/09/18
Details Updated 10/09/18 @ 11:55am
Views 706
Name Leo Demitriou
Location Adelaide (SA)
Email Address
Phone Number
Price $3600

Pro-Flo 4 EFI System
Small Block Chrysler
Sequential Port Fuel Injection
625 hp Max (35 lbs./hr. Injectors)
Tablet Included
2-year interest-free available (subject to approval)

Edelbrock latest generation of fully sequential port self-learning electronic fuel injection... Pro-Flo 4 EFI! The latest iteration features a newly designed waterproof ECU Pro-Flo 4 ECU has faster processing speeds and an updated Bluetooth chip that is more reliable and faster as well.

Offers the ultimate in performance and power with the precise efficiency only a fully sequential port EFI system can deliver. A fully sequential port EFI system delivers the fuel into the intake air flow right at the port with an injector for each cylinder, allowing for better fuel atomization and precise distribution. In comparison, a throttle body EFI system delivers fuel into the intake plenum, right below the throttle body;

A great feature of all Pro-Flo 4 systems is the Bluetooth connectivity with the Edelbrock's exclusive E-Tuner app. Edelbrock's E-Tuner app contains dyno developed base setting calibration and gives you complete control of the Pro-Flo 4 system; with the ability to adjust air-fuel ratios, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans, rev limiter, and multiple dash displays for monitoring engine vitals while you drive.

Comes with a 7 in. Android tablet that includes the E-Tuner app preinstalled.

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